Short Term Business Loans from $20k to $1m

Quick Short Term Business Loans To boost your Cash flow

Short-term business loans from $20k to $1m are urgent business loans that can be taken for a short period of time, or for as long as you need the funds. In Australia, a business owner must typically repay the short-term business loan within one to two years. At Instant Business Finance, we take pride in our flexible loan terms, where a business owner can repay within three months or keep the loan for almost as long as they wish. 

Short-term business loans provide fast access to funds, which the business owner can use to solve the most pressing cash problems in the business.  We usually approve the borrowers within 15 minutes, and after loan contracts are signed, we transfer the money to your account the same day.  You can also apply for an Instant Business Finance short-term business loan if you have a bad credit history.  

How can small businesses benefit from short-term business finance?

In this segment, you will learn how short-term funding can help a small business owner.

  • Very affordable monthly payments
  • Allows for immediate business expansion
  • Pay overdue bills
  • Immediately buy more stock

Below are some scenarios where short-term business funding will help your company in various ways.

  • Startups

It is nearly impossible for newly formed businesses to gain access to funding via mainstream funders. A startup business requires funding to help establish and grow.  Short-term loans can alleviate all the financial problems and provide the needed cash flow to establish the business.

  • Cash Flow Problems

Most business owners depend on timely client payments to maintain the regular cash flow within the company. However, if there is any delay from the client side, it creates an imbalance in the cash flow and difficulties in paying the bills or salaries of the employees. Quick short-term business loans will help the business owner temporarily assist with cash flow issues until everything returns to normal.

  • Emergency Circumstances

Sometimes the monetary problems are not always related to the business. There can be urgent conditions that might require instant capital access, which is impossible if you do not have enough money in hand. For instance, various maintenance and hardware problems might prevent the company from running smoothly. In these circumstances, the business owners ensure they have enough money to handle the maintenance and repair. If left ignored, it might hinder the production and ultimately will incur a loss to the company. But short-term business finance can enable you to instantly take care of these problems with ease.

  • Faster Growth

If a company needs to grow to meet the demands of their clients. A business owner may incur expenses to maintain faster growth such as having to purchase new equipment, hire more staff and increase marketing. Short-term business loans offer the necessary capital to the business owners for sustaining the company growth and assisting with covering the expenses that go along with any business growth and expansion.

Why Are Instant Business Finance Short Term Loans Better Than the Others?

Instant Business Finance is one of the leading business lenders in Australia. We fund short-term business loans for clients with a bad credit history.  We will lend to almost any property-backed business owner in Australia.  Whether you are looking for money to buy new equipment, expand your business, or pay salaries to the employees, short term business loans will offer you flexibility and access to funds fast. The loan procedure is hassle-free and easy to get approved without having to jump through hoops and supply volumes of paperwork. You can get hold of the cash the same day in most cases. . We have helped many borrowers across Australia, especially in Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide, and Sydney.

  • Borrower from $20,000 to $1,000,000
  • Easy approval qualification
  • Flexible loan terms
  • Funding available the same day, and paid directly to the borrowers company bank account.
  • Monthly payments, so as not to drain cashflow
  • Repay anytime after 3 months
  • The loan is tax-deductible
  • Online application approval within 15 minutes

Ways to Apply for a quick short term business loan from Instant Business Finance

The process of application for short-term business finance from Instant Business Finance is easy and described as below.

  • Fill in the online form, which will take only 2 minutes.
  • Instant Business Finance lending specialists will contact the business owner to discuss the loan quickly.
  • Upload the required documents for verification.

If the documents are okay, we will approve the short term business loan within one hour.

Is it possible to get a Short term Loan for a Business even with Bad Credit?

Yes, it is possible to get short-term business loans with bad credit as we understand credit history is not always your fault.  Plus we believe in 2nd chances and always give second chances to the borrowers by considering their loan requests.

Do you have more questions regarding short-term business funding? Then call us today on  1300 863 711.

What is a Short Term Business Loan?

Short Term Business Loans are fast Short Term loans of a minimum of 3 months up to 12 months.  Because they are for a short term, they are not charged on a per annum basis. Rather, they are simply charged on a per month basis. So if you only need the funds for 3 months, you only pay three month’s interest.

We believe in total transparency, and we will issue a Conditional Letter of Offer within an hour of receiving your Online Application. We really do aim to make this as simple as possible. There are no hidden costs, and everything is fully disclosed. We know your time is valuable, so we don’t want to waste it trying to make things complex.

You need money fast. We can get it to you fast. It’s that simple.

So… What Is The Procedure?

The procedure is very quick and simple. It has to be, otherwise we can’t possibly settle by the next day.

  1. Complete the Online Application Form. (it takes just 2 minutes).
  2.  Email a copy of a Rates Notice & Mortgage Statement for the property being used as security, + 1 piece of Photo ID.
  3. Within 1 Business Hour, you will receive an answer on your application. If approved, you will receive a Conditional Letter Of Offer right away.
  4. Once you sign the conditional offer, we start the due diligence process. (this takes about 2 hours).
  5. Once the due diligence is complete, loan contracts are issued.
  6. Once they are signed, the funds are transferred into your company bank account.
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How Do I Repay The Loan?

You need an Exit Strategy.   This is usually a refinance, sale of an asset, or from your business cash flow.  To pay us out, simply call our office (or your bank or conveyancer will if the Exit is a refinance or Sale), and book in a settlement time. We can usually be ready to settle within 24 hours of the call. (Monday to Friday) Once we receive clear funds in our account, our instrument is removed from the title, and that is THE END of the loan

See How Short Term Business Loans SAVE THE DAY?

Here are a few REAL LIFE Case Studies from business loans we have recently funded.

CASE STUDY 1. A Builder in Canberra needed funds to complete a project.

LOAN AMOUNT: $50,000

LOAN TERM: 4 months

PROBLEM: A Canberra based builder was doing a townhouse development in suburban Canberra and ran short on funds to complete the construction of the townhouses. The experienced builder needed $30,000 urgently as one of his contractors were going to walk off the job because they hadn’t been paid.

IBF SOLUTION:  We secured the loan against house by way of a 2nd Mortgage, and advanced the funds the next day.

EXIT STRATEGY: We were repaid from the proceeds of the townhouse sales.


Case Study 2. A Restaurateur in Sydney 

LOAN AMOUNT: $430,000

LOAN TERM:  Ongoing monthly payments

PROBLEM: She only had a small window of opportunity to do some minor renovations, and her bank said it would take 3 months before she would have the funds.

IBF SOLUTION:  We secured the loan against the property that she owned down the street from the restaurant.

EXIT STRATEGY: The restaurant owner refinanced her home loan with a new bank and even got a better interest rate on her new home loan. This refinance repaid our short term business loan.


THERE ARE MANY OTHER REASONS why people take out short term business loans. They could need access to funds in 24 hours to…

  1. Pay off an overlooked or overdue creditor or tax debt
  2. Fund a short fall on a business purchase or commercial property settlement
  3. Provide business cash flow due to an unexpected downturn
  4. An urgent advance on a pending refinance or property sale

We will lend for any worthwhile business or commercial investment purpose, as long as there is enough equity in the property (our max LVR is 75%), and as long as there is an Exit Strategy. (i.e.: sale of the property, refinance, or payment from a trade debtor, etc)


Basically it comes down to speed, and in many cases, lack of financial records. If the borrower can wait 2 OR 3 months, the bank may be able to refinance them. If the borrower can wait 2 weeks and they have good cashflow records and 2 years of tax returns, they may qualify for an overdraft or business loan.

However if you need cash TOMORROW, they come to us.

Still not convinced? Then ask yourself this. If I needed access to a large sum of money by tomorrow (leaving out rich uncles, etc), how would you get it?


  1. SPEED. We are almost only a short-term caveat lender who CAN physically settle the same day. Many say they can, but their clunky systems and lack of resources make it impossible.
  2. SERVICE. We issue letters of offer on approved loans within 1 business hour, and if approved, legal contracts are prepared within hours once the offer has been accepted by the borrower. We don’t require valuations, A&L statements, financial records, etc. Our staff keep the clients and brokers in the loop at every stage of the same day process
  3. INNOVATIVE PRACTICES. We allow you to digitally sign the loan contracts rather than the 20th Century way of posting them. 
  4. WE ARE THE LENDER! As we hold the funds that we lend out, we don’t have to go off and broker the deals to investors or other lenders.

Frequently Asked Questions


Our loan terms range from 1 month to 12 months, however extensions are available.

You need to have a registered ABN or ACN and sufficient equity in real estate assets.

Yes, We require equity in a real estate asset, this can be a residential property, commercial property or vacant land.

If there is sufficient equity available an increase of the loan could be considered.