Caveat Loans

Secured and Quick Caveat Loans from Instant Business Finance

If you are a business owner of an emerging or small company, it sometimes becomes quite tough to get loan approval. When time is an essential factor, a business cannot go through the lengthy bank loan approval process. Sometimes the traditional banks also deny the applications due to trivial and irrational reasons.

But at Instant Business Finance, we understand the various difficulties business owners can encounter. Thus, we have designed a simple caveat finance process to get easy loan approval. Our different lending criteria help the borrower to apply for the caveat funding according to their business needs. So, if you cannot access other financial options for your business, you can use your property or home to secure an urgent caveat loan according to your requirements.

What exactly is Caveat Loan?

A caveat loan is short-term funding option in which the borrower can secure and obtain the finance with the help of real estate. It has shorter loan terms and turnaround times. You have to provide minimal documentation to qualify as the process is supported by security over your property. Caveat loans are perfect options for different business types with funds used for different reasons, including:

  • Expanding your current business
  • Renovating or rebranding the business
  • Immediate cash flow for equipment or inventory purchase
  • Particularly helpful for companies in need of capital
  • Perfect for a seasonal established business requiring cash flow for non-peak times

How do fast caveat loans work?

A short-term caveat loan is secured business finance that uses your land or property as security for the funding. You can borrow from 20000 to 5 million Dollars, depending on the property value you will submit as collateral. Instant Business Finance offers loan amounts based on 70 to 75% of your property value.

Bad credit caveat loans are similar to the second mortgage as the lender will take a charge over the property to secure the loan. If a property is sold then the caveat finance is repaid.

We approve caveat loans in Australia within a few hours with funding in as little as 24 hours, loan terms between 1 to 12 months. You can capitalise all costs of the caveat loan and repay when the loan expires. The caveat loan cost is primarily determined by the interest rate, loan amount and loan term. The borrower has to pay some additional fees for fast caveat loans in Australia, including application and legal charges, all of which can be added to the loan.

Advantages of caveat loans

Let us now have a quick look into the benefits of caveat loan offer to borrowers. They are as follows.

  • Rapid access to the funds

Instant Business Finance approves the loan within one day. However, in emergencies, we also approve the loan within an hour or two.

  • Flexible funding amount

A person can usually apply for caveat finance amounts from 20000 to 5 million Dollars based on the property value and available equity.

  • Low documentation

The borrower does not have to provide massive evidence of trading revenue and history for this loan type. We need only minimal documents for approval.

How to tell if a Caveat Loan is perfect for you?

Caveat loans in Australia are one of the best options for business owners if they have a property to submit as collateral. Thus, you can apply for the caveat loan if you meet the below criteria.

  • Have land or property to use as collateral against the funding
  • You require immediate funds and are do not have the time to wait for traditional financial solutions
  • You have an exit strategy for repaying the loan on time

A caveat will be placed on the property and will remain until the loan is repaid in full. When there is a caveat on the property, the borrower cannot use it to gain further funding unless it is repaid. However, there are three ways through which a borrower can remove the caveat from the property. It includes:

  • The lender removes it once the loan is repaid and lodges it in the relevant registry
  • Refinancing the debt with another lender
  • Selling the property

Reasons to select Instant Business Finance for the fast caveat loans

The experts of Instant Business Finance have the required extensive knowledge on bad credit caveat loans and other finance options. Through some simple questions, we can examine your circumstances and offer the most appropriate solution within the required time. Below are some reasons that have made us a renowned lender for short-term caveat loans.

  • A borrower with commercial or residential property equity can get urgent caveat loans up to 75% LVR
  • Flexible funding amounts determined by equity
  • Dedicated financial specialists and streamlined application procedures make sure to provide the fund within 24 hours
  • Small upfront assessment fee and no hidden charges

Do you want to apply for quick caveat loans in Australia? Do you know the exact amount? Check with our experts for more information on fast caveat loans in Australia and make your business dreams a reality.

Frequently Asked Questions


Loan amounts range from $20,000 to $5M and are determined by the available equity in your real estate asset.

A caveat loan can be funded in as little as 24 hours.

Yes, credit history is not relevant to our funding, however in some cases we may require any court judgments to be repaid from the loan proceeds.

Along with completing our online application, you will need to provide ID, rates notice and a current mortgage statement.

Any business owner with a registered ABN or ACN can apply for a business loan, provided the funds are being used for a business purpose and you have sufficient equity in real estate.