Asset Finance

SAME DAY Asset Finance – Acquire any Asset, or Borrow Against it.

An IBF Asset Loan is a quick and easy financial solution for businesses wishing to buy an asset, without all the bank-sty;e hassles and delays.  Our Asset Funding is simply a procedure of securing short-term funds from Instant Business Finance to purchase almost any business related asset.  The assets can be anything like vehicles, commercial property, equipment or machinery, and real estate.

Asset loans also help the business owner to expand or acquire property without interrupting the regular cash flow for the company. The best advantage of asset funding is you can use the asset itself as the security.  At Instant Business Finance, we offer an extensive range of asset finance loans that don’t require any proof of income, and poor credit scores are generally not a deal-breaker either.

Asset Funding allows the borrower to have the option of Capitalised Interest for the term of the loan (meaning no payments for the term of the loan), or structure regular Interest Only payments to the lender over an agreed period.  The best part is you are avoiding paying the complete asset cost upfront. Business asset finance allows the borrower to buy what they require now and spread the entire cost over a few months or a few years with reasonable monthly interest repayments. In this way, you as a business owner, do not have to use other lines of credit or your spare cash to grab lucrative opportunities.

Different Types of Asset Loans

Let us look into the different asset loan types available at Instant Business Finance.

  • SAME DAY Vehicle Finance

Do you want to get hold of a specific vehicle for your business?  Having issues getting regular vehicle finance?  Do you own real estate?  If yes, then an IBF Asset Loan can lend you the money to buy your business vehicle the same day.  If your business depends on vehicles, like cars, trailers, or trucks, you might have to buy new vehicles from time to time. A vehicle asset finance loan allows you to purchase additional sets of wheels without creating a dent in your regular cash cycle. No matter what set of wheels you need, Instant business finance is always there for you. We can arrange different loan amounts for light commercial and passenger vehicles and heavy commercial trailers and vehicles.

  • SAME DAY Equipment Asset Loans

Equipment finance is an easy way to offer medium and small-sized businesses access and ability to different equipment type. It helps business owners in reaching their goals sooner. Our combination of flexible and faster equipment finance products helps the borrower to access a wide range of assets, making the business operation easy and hassle-free. Thus, applying for asset finance from Instant Business Finance can open up infinite opportunities for the borrower to fulfil their business objectives.

  • SAME DAY Stock Purchases

You can use our Same Day Asset Finance to buy inventory or stock for your business through Instant Business Finance. It does not matter if you are planning to buy heavy machinery or a fleet of vehicles, or stock for your shop, our asset finance in Australia will assist you in funding stick the same day.  It’s like paying your supplier CASH.   We offer flexible terms, and ‘cashflow friendly’ monthly interest payments.   In this way, you do not have to use your own cash flow to arrange stock purchases.

  • SAME DAY Hire Purchase

Through hire purchase, the borrower can buy any equipment on credit. In this case, the business can purchase the asset and the lender allows them to use it till the loan term is finished. In the end, the borrower has the option to buy the equipment at a negotiated price from the lender.  Whilst IBF doesn’t fund Hire Purchases per see, our Same Day business loans can do a very similar thing and get you the funds to purchase your equipment immediately.  

  • SAME DAY Leasing asset finance loan

Leasing asset funding allows the borrower to access new equipment by renting for a specific period without ownership transfer. At the end of the lease term the borrower can pay a balloon payment to complete the purchase of the equipment or vehicle. There are two different types of lease asset loans.

1. Finance Lease: The asset value appears in the borrowers’ balance sheet, and the rental fee goes through the profit and loss account. The borrower has to pay full equipment value to the lender with interest during the lease period.

2. Operating Lease: This business asset finance type is perfect for borrowers if they do not need the equipment for their entire operational life. The borrower needs to pay the rent to the lender till the time of its use.

Whilst IBF doesn’t fund Leases per see, our Same Day business loans can do a very similar thing, and get you the funds to purchase your equipment immediately.   

Why Instant Business Finance is a Renowned Asset Loan Lender?

The finance specialists at Instant Business Finance provide value-enhancing and innovative financial solutions. These are a simple SAME DAY business loans.  These solutions are easy to understand for the borrowers, even when addressing the most complex financial requirements. We work closely with each of our borrowers to deliver an optimum solution for asset finance loans, personalized to meet their business needs.

We believe the strength of the relationship between a borrower and a lender is the primary driver in enabling all our customers to achieve growth and long-term success for their business. Our committed team are focussed on getting you the money fast, and giving you the flexibility to have the money for as little or as long as you like.

Does getting SAME DAY access to funds for your business sound appealing? Then apply online and lets get you funded TODAY.

Frequently Asked Questions


If there is sufficient equity in the real estate asset being offered as security, no additional security will be required. A PPSR charge will be registered along with the security.

Along with completing our online application, you will need to provide ID, rates notice and a current mortgage statement.

If an event of default occurs legal action to recover our debt will commence.

Provided there is a benefit to the third party then additional security can be offered.

Interest rates start from 1.95% pm.

Click on any of the apply online buttons on our website, or fo to

Any security offered for the business loan will need to be insured and a certificate of currency supplied prior to funding.