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Get your First Mortgage Loan from Instant Business Finance

First mortgage funds in Australia are famous as a short-term lending alternative for business owners with good or bad credit histories. Instant Business Finance offers long, and short-term mortgage alternatives in Australia for borrowers with various financial situations and profiles. We offer a large number of lending options for business owners through full or low doc 1st mortgage loans.

Instant Business Finance can arranging funding up to 80% of the property value as a first mortgage over residential security with declared accountant income. For commercial security, the LVR reduces to around 70% of the security value for the 1st mortgage. For higher loan amounts, we determine the quality and location of the property or asset. The borrower can pay off other loan defaults, tax debts, bankruptcy, mortgage arrears, and other business expenses through the funds acquired from the 1st mortgage loan.

Business owners can manage the cash flow or purchase equipment using these funds.

Why apply for funds from 1st mortgages?

There can be some scenarios where you might have to consider first mortgage finance to meet different financial requirements. Some of them are as follows.

  • Releasing the home equity for funding the renovations and preparing the property for sale
  • Paying off sizeable, unexpected and urgent bills
  • Completing a small residential development or subdivision to cover the costs like construction charges before the borrower receives the funds from the sales

Some borrowers also consider the first mortgage on residential property for raising the funds necessary for a business. The most common use for business funds includes offering working capital for a short time. It can cover stock purchases, slow customer invoice payments, outstanding tax bills and many more.

Different Types of first mortgage Loans

Below are some common options for a first mortgage loan in Australia.

Construction Loan

This loan offers adequate funding for building your home.

Low-doc loan

Low doc loan is perfect for self-employed borrowers applying for a 1st mortgage loan but does not have all the necessary paperwork.

Interest only Home finance

This first mortgage borrowers have to pay only the interest rates for some specific period.

Split Loan

This loan type allows the borrower to make a part of the interest rate of their 1st mortgage fixed and the other half variable.

Introductory Loan

An introductory loan offers low-interest rates lasting for nearly 12 months before increasing.

Variable and fixed interest rate loan

1st mortgage loans have fixed interest rates for the entire loan term, whereas variable mortgages include fluctuating interest rate parallel to the market.

Advantages of using 1st mortgages funds

Short or long-term first mortgage funding comes with numerous benefits, including:

  • More competitive loan compared to other financial options like second mortgages or caveat loans
  • Instant Business Finance organizes and settles the first mortgage funds within two business days
  • The borrower can also apply for a higher amount based on the LVR value
  • Needs minimal paperwork for the first mortgage
  • Supports self-employed borrowers or applicants with poor credit history

Things to consider before applying for the first mortgage funding

As a borrower, your target should be to get approval for the first mortgage loan. Thus, you should consider the following factors before hitting the submit button.

  • There should be a valid reason for applying for the loan. The lenders will need to know how the funding will be used in the business.
  • Check out your repayment schedule to make sure there will be no default on the first mortgages loan
  • Consider the credit rating or history before applying for the loan. Since if you have a higher credit score, you will be a lower-risk borrower.
  • Compare the lending policies, other fees and interest rates.
  • Get all your necessary documents to assist you in expediting the loan procedure.

Documents necessary for First Mortgage loan application

Some of the common documents required to apply for the first mortgages loan application include:

  • Personal and business bank statements
  • Business financial statements
  • Tax return documents
  • Incorporation certificate
  • Business plan
  • Council rates notice
  • Current mortgage statement (if any)

How to apply for a loan to the first mortgage company?

At Instant Business Finance, you can submit your enquiry by email, phone or online. Upon receiving your application or enquiry our financial specialists will email an indicative quote with the details of the interest rates, loan structure, costs, and document necessities. If you agree with the loan rates and terms, our lending specialists will verify the documents.

After verification, we will offer a more detailed and formal contract letter. The borrower has to sign the proposal and return the contract. Once we receive it, we settle the funds through electronic transfer to the mentioned bank account. This entire process takes less than 24 hours to complete.

Thus if you own a property and looking for funds, come to Instant Business Finance, one of the most reputed first mortgage companies in Australia.

Frequently Asked Questions


After completing our online application we will need a copy of your ID and a rates notice.

All you need is sufficient equity in real estate and require the funds for business use.

Click on any of the apply online buttons on our website, or fo to

Not at all, credit history is not relevant to our lending policies and guidelines.

First mortgage security means that the Lender will have the first ranking interest in the property you offer as security.